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Climate Change Effects On Water Resources Environmental Sciences Essay Free Essays

string(100) the hydrological musicality framework by developing dams and making waste H2O intercession workss etc. The last two decennaries atmosphere adjustment is expanding because of the change of human movement, for example, automobiles, planes, factory and different beginnings we utilize that adds nursery gases to the feeling. Due to these human causes the Earth is warming up. One outcome that clime change has is the result the modification will hold upon human H2O new water assets. We will compose a custom paper test on Environmental Change Effects On Water Resources Environmental Sciences Essay or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now I accept that clime adjustment will hold an outcome on human H2O assets due to the nearby associations with the hydrological musicality, the bringing temperature will increment up in immersions and drouths that will take to the interest on more freshwater assets. Atmosphere change has close associations with the hydrological musicality. The hydrological mood is situated in the Earths hydrosphere this is the nation in around Earth which holds all the H2O. The H2O is moved around the Earths hydrosphere in a mood. The hydrological cadence is moved in five diverse stairss †vaporization, precipitation, buildup, flood, total and penetration. The as should be obvious in Figure 1 the hydrologival musicality all beginnings of with vaporization this is the adjustment of fluid H2O to H2O fume. The accompanying measure is buildup this is the system of adjusting H2O fume, from a fluid thus to sort out mists as should be obvious from the mists in figure 1. This technique can be notice for outline when you pay special mind to dew on the land in the forenoon. As the mists you find in the sky move around Earth appropriating the H2O fume from topographic point to topographic point. The mists become over weighed down with wet so they need to relinquish the overladen wet. They discharge the wet by a strategy called by precipitation which is typically downpour, hail or day off. Invasion happens they when all the precipitations lay on the land. On the off chance that there is to much precipitation on the land this becomes flood. Spillover remains on the Earth land and runs into waterways, streams, lakes and seas. So when the precipitation run into the these waterways, streams, lakes and seas this strategy is called conglomeration. As invasion, flood and collection are being handled, the Sun is doing a the mood to return back to the begaining of the beat to the technique called evaporation.Sunlight warms up the fluid in conduits, streams, lakes and seas. The warm air rises upwards into the feeling and turns into the fume engaged with buildup. Without this strategy life on Earth would be outlandish. New water that we use in or twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lifes regularly originates from Aquifer, Streams, Rivers, Lakes. Spring are built when stones of the upper segment of the Earth ‘s outside contain openings or pores. Thesiss gaps are enormous or combined with the goal that H2O can motion through them simple. This is a bit of stone that is simple for H2O to experience through known as penetrable. Streams regularly get the vast majority of its H2O from flood, downpour and defrost day off. A conduit is shaped when the downpour and runing snow met at the equivalent topographic point and obtain into a line of channel. Streams usely streams into lakes, waterways, spring and oceans. Streams are a characteristic waterway of new water asset. Water inside the stream is all things considered gathered from precipitation through surface flood, groundwater energize, springs and the arrival of put away H2O in ice and runing icy masses. Lakes are regularly loaded up with profound new water or salt H2O. Lakes are inland usly on mountains nations and are non bit of the Ocean. They are filled by streams or con duits that interface with them. A few Lakes can be grown-up male made and are built for modern or agrarian utilization and in any event, for hydro-electric force or household H2O gracefully. Water is one of the most importent inputs the human natural structure requests for us universes to get by with everyday life. We need it for such a large number of things for example health, turning supplement, water system, industry. In spite of the significance of Freshwater Resources diminishing, we are get bringing down to underestimate the new water assets. The greater part of the new water we use is squandered and contaminated. Since the hydrological cadence temperature is lifting it will take to a modification in the horological musicality, This will hold an effect on the conditions. The dry seasons will go alot increasingly drier and the wet seasons will go alot progressively wetter. Leaving us with more immersions and drouths. This change will thusly will leave the handiness and nature of H2O. A portion of the states on this Earth as of now hold a troublesome enouch cut securing H2O in view of increaseing modern contamination and populace developing. Atmosphere change only adds to the activity to the nature of H2O, which in certain pieces of the universe the chop down precipitation and lifting temperatures decline the new water. By the twelvemonth 2025 the majority of universes populating in states with hapless H2O quality degrees will increment from around 34 for every centum ( in 1995 ) to 63 percent.R K Pachauri ( 2005 ) The modification in getting to H2O focused on nations will hold a potential battle. As there will be a constrained interest on new water in view of family, horticultural and modern usages. These battles will occur in H2O focused on nations fighting against nations of regular springs and waterways each piece great as this it will take to strife on limit nations for representation the piece of Northern Kenya and the Samburu is holding to get by with the modifying types of precipitation and dry periods which with other power per unit territories on the characteristic assets are taking to expanding battle among innate gatherings over dish to scant water.Smith ( 2006 ) 2 Discussion The vast majority of the Earth has 70 % of sea. While only 30 % of the Earth is land. Around 84 % of the universes populace is populating on dry land. Universes are looking to fix this by Reconstruction the hydrological mood framework by developing embankments and making waste H2O intercession workss and so forth. You read Environmental Change Effects On Water Resources Environmental Sciences Essay in class Exposition models These components will flexibly H2O for agribusiness, family, Industrial, ecological and different uses. In any case, these changes will other than take to certain imperfections in mature ages to come. India is one of the most affected by clime adjustment. The snow ice tops of the Himalayas is sing less snow in light of snow defrost. The ice sheets is runing and there is signs of expansion implosion treatment. The expanding rise temperatures is get bringing down to evaporate the streams. The Himalayas holds the biggest entirety ice on the Earth. Exploration laborers have make sense of that there is a solid mix among day off the temperature. In ongoing mature ages the Himalayas have encountered warm periods in the mature ages between 1960-1990, doing a decline in snow harvest time. Icy masses has been watched by research laborers in the past mature ages. The United Nations clime study predicts by 2035 some Himalayan ice sheets will disappear with the lifting temperatures. Due to the icy masses runing the defrost ice will run off into streams, for example, the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra waterways and a few feeders originating from the Himalayan ice field. This will do deluging to riverside references for example Varanasi, Kanpur and Patna. These city ‘s have a populace of 1000000s and have as of now observe immersions during high storm season and it will be progressing. Deluging will other than do break for the cultivating nations in northern pieces of India and cause damage to the streets and rail way line. The embankments, for example, the barrier in Kosi autonomic sensory systems Sutlej could over motion accomplishing more destruction to corn fields and settlements. At the point when the purpose of no ice is reached by 2035 the ice defrost will hold either halted as a result of an answer for atmosphere adjustment or be evaporated due to the proceeded with temperature lifting. On the off chance that the ice gets down to downplay the waterway will go more fragile and drier during the rainstorm oral depressions and summer. As the earths temperatures ascends from around 14 evaluations C situated in 2000 to an expected 19 evaluations C in 2100 the undermentioned impacts will be cause by the expansion ; Agricultural, Household, Industrial, Environmental and wellbeing ocean degrees will lift to an expected 3.9 in to assessed 35 by 2100. A few pieces of the seaside references around India for example Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and different pieces of the universe will be lowered. Indeed, even a large portion of the island around India will be canvassed in H2O. The island of Lohachara is the primary island known to man to be canvassed in H2O because of atmosphere modification. The island is situated on the southern fringe of the Ganges delta in the sound of Bengal. Its 10,000 inhabitants turned into the primary evacuees made due to clime change. There is a gathering of 27 island called Lakhadweep around the Arabian ocean off the coastline of south Indian territory Kraal. They have a populace of around 61,000 individuals populating on them. The low equivocation islands are in enormous peril of being shrouded in H2O each piece great. India is one of the universe greatest express that impacts the nursery outcome. With the expanded temperatures they will make an expansion in precipitation. Rising the strategy of vaporization resulting from hotter ocean temperatures in the Indian sea and Arabian Sea will expand that devastate technique around the West Indian Rajasthan Desert Similarly great as the H2O assets being abbreviate on account of clime change there is other than another activity and that will be that ordinarily limit states at some point divide a similar H2O asset. There is some agreement that there has been struggle over new water shared by at least two states. Freshwater is truly of I

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Utopia free essay sample

Three years back, I pushed off a dock just because and took my first strokes. At first, sitting two crawls off the water in a genuinely thin vessel made me on edge. The developments felt unnatural, the phrasing appeared as though it was an unknown dialect, and the vessel continually tipped from side to side. In any case, as I proceeded all through that first season, I started to comprehend the different parts of the game, and I came to cherish the minutes I would spend in the pontoon every day. Since this first season, what used to be an outside domain turned into my preferred spot on the planet. What’s exceptional about this condition is that consistently is the thing that you make it. Each line is another test and chance for progress. Some are for training and are intended to improve, while others are races and are a chance to accomplish objectives. Notwithstanding the sort, each day my column starts when I leave the dock and leave the shore. We will compose a custom paper test on Perfect world or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page I can't change what preparing I have done on shore to set me up for my line now, yet I presently drench myself onto the vast water and focus on investing my best energy. What I will do on the water will decide how far I will go from here. When I start to push, everything in the vessel is heavily influenced by me. While nature may give me whitecaps or a headwind, I can stretch my stroke, square the cutting edge later, and push my sharp edge through the water as quick as conceivable to adjust to the conditions. While the pontoon may get balance because of another rower inclining to the other side, I can change my handle stature with the goal that the vessel becomes adjusted once more. I at that point control how far my vessel moves by how hard I decided to pull. All that I do will impact how far I will go, and it is dependent upon me to decide how far that is destined to be. While my fate in this condition depends on my self inspiration and exertion, I still consistently have an emotionally supportive network. I have my kindred rowers, and I have my coxswain. My coxswain is my coach and direction. I can never observe what course lies ahead, however I can depend on my coxswain to direct me a protected and productive course, and to push me to break any psychological dividers I may experience. With my partners, every one of them is investing their best energy for me, and it is dependent upon me to do likewise for them. While I will eventually be the one that applies the fundamental exertion to succeed, having the assets to assist me with arriving is indispensable to my prosperity too. As I currently move into the following stage in my life, it is my expectation that I will come to cherish my future school grounds as much as I came love being in my pontoon paddling. Consistently will be another opportunity for progress; each class will be a chance to propel my insight; each task will be an opportunity to fortify what I have realized. I will leave my secondary school a very long time behind me. They have set me up well, yet how I will put forth a concentrated effort in this next phase of my life will be what characterizes who I become and I am prepared to acknowledge the demand it presents. My objectives will never again be arrangement in a race or an individual best time, yet rather an atomic science certificate and a great job later on. En route I may confront difficulties and battle on occasion, yet I have the individual capacity and assurance to succeed, and I realize that I will have the assets I will need of my future friends and educators to make myself effec tive.

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Why Do We Need The Word Frenemies

Why Do We Need The Word Frenemies Six months late (as usual), I’ve finally worked  through my TBR list far enough to get to Elena Ferrantes My Brilliant Friend, the first in her much-discussed Neapolitan trilogy,  and boy, do I get the hype.  My immediate reaction was that this a book that will launch a thousand essays: on class, gender, violence, and sexual identity. The book offers so much for analysis and reflection. What captivated me most, though, at least in this initial read, was the rich, complicated,  and deeply-felt relationship between the book’s two adolescent protagonists, Elena and Lila. But about a quarter of the way into this fascinating read, I felt a sudden I sudden sinking in my stomach. Oh god, I thought,  this is the kind of friendship people are going to label  â€˜frenemies.’ I am genuinely no snob nor am I here to play language police (could not think of anything more boring, honestly), but I will admit to a knee-jerk skepticism when hearing or reading the word “frenemy.” My problem with the word frenemy is not with its existence or its cute, portmanteau formulation but with its application. I think it is over- and mis-used and because language has power, I worry that “frenemy” might affect how some people perceive female friendships and women in general. “Frenemy” has been become somewhat of a crutch, a suffocating, reductive shorthand for any friendship that isn’t between bosom friends or Ya-Ya sisters. I am also suspicious of the word’s implicit gendering; sure, there is nothing specifically feminine about it, but when was the last time you heard the word applied anyone other than (typically adolescent) women? (I feel similarly, by the way, about frenemy’s cousin, “bromance.” The fact that we need separate words for both a female friendship that contains elements of competition or conflict and a male friendship that is characterized by expressions of love and devotion reveals some seriously MESSED UP assumptions about gender and relationships). In its very structure the word “frenemy” reconciles two opposite poles friend and enemy but more often than not, the relationship in question is not one of opposites; more often than not, it could just be categorized by the word friend. Imperfect friend. Competitive friend. Complicated friend. But friend none the less. You know who are frenemies? Magneto and Professor X are frenemies. They are former friends who still maintain affection and respect for each other but they are often literally on opposing sides in a goddamn war. THAT is a frenemy. A teenage girl who has a deep platonic attachment to someone with whom she also competes for grades or even, even boys is not a frenemy. My Brilliant Friend  gives its young female friendship breathing space. Ferrante’s portrayal is of a scorchingly intense, complicated relationship that seamlessly integrates affection with rivalry; she never allows the latter to completely overpower the former and never raises even the faintest doubt that the friendship between Elena and Lila is the most important and rewarding relationship in both their lives. Ferrante allows for a back and forth between the two girls: for a power dynamic that is weighted but shifting.Sharp, perceptive and self-determined, Lila appears to be the dominant personality or of the leader of the pair figuratively, but also sometimes literally dragging Lenu by the hand toward danger, change or adventure. And yet there are a number of significant ways in which Elena goes first: she gets to continue her formal education, even until high school; she is the first to hit puberty and the first to attract the attention of a boy. The pair constantly compare, contrast, and compete; as a foil only the other will do. Elena is constantly saying that Lila is the only one who understands her and the only person worth talking to, really. While the typically undemonstrative Lila never quite explicitly returns that sentiment, the regularity with which she seeks out her friend for support suggests reciprocity, as does the moment when Elena realizes that Lila occasionally at her own powers of persuasion and singles Elena out because she is the only one who challenges her. Ferrante also understands that there is a difference between wanting what your friend has and wanting to take it from her. Elena and Lila find themselves on both sides of that line at different points in the book, but notably only when they believe that what the other has (education, an engagement) threatens to separate them. As of now I have only read My Brilliant Friend,  and I know theres risk in writing about it as an example of the insufficiency and oversimplification of the term frenemy  before Ive finished the series.  I considered waiting until I had finished the entire Neapolitan trilogy before writing but I changed my mind. After all, what impressed me about this book is the power and complexity it ascribes to specifically young female friendships, so it felt fitting to write about and process it the way we experience our childhood friendships: without knowing what comes next. ____________________ Book Riot Live is coming! Join us for a two-day event full of books, authors, and an all around good time. Its the convention for book lovers that weve always wanted to attend. So we are doing it ourselves.

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Capitalism And Capitalism - 883 Words

The definition of â€Å"embed† is to implant a certain idea or feeling into another person or thing so it becomes an essential characteristic of it. Just as you embed stones into cement. Money, trade, markets and profit are the stones that when put together, help to form Capitalism. Capitalism in essence, is a system of economic value in which private ownership is the source of production (Such as factories, and farming). Goods are produced and in return, income and profit are gained. The generally accepted characteristics of what Capitalism is, such as private property rights, specialization of jobs, profits, division of labour, did not originate around Capitalism. In actuality, these were just the stepping stones into the more known†¦show more content†¦This can be seen in the peasants revolt in which they had to pay taxes to support the kingdom. Those who did not follow the orders of the economical status were punished. One can see a division of labour between the peasants and the lords who practically own them. This is a key characteristic of what Capitalism stands for, yet was not known at the time of it being that. This began a slow transition into capitalism. (Fulcher, Capitalism: a very short introduction) Feudalism is the dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which there was a hierarchy, nobility held lands from the crown, vassals were tenants of nobles, peasants were obligated to live and produce for him. A clear ideology behind Capitalism. As seen in one reading, Feudalism itself had a relationship with Capitalism that was intriguing. Power and wealth, as stated in the reading, was fused with control to land rather than ownership of Capital, yet, showed the same characteristics of each other. A transition to a market economy could be an easy change, because of how close they relate to each other. For example, â€Å"Peasants obligations to provide labour services or produce for the lord could be replaced by money payments, which in turn meant that peasants had to earn money through wage labour or the sale of produce in markets. Most of what is said about being â€Å"embedded†, I believe, all starts with the close characteristics of Feudalism and Capitalism. As the author said in thisShow MoreRelatedCapitalism And Capitalism1896 Words   |  8 PagesIn the first chapter of his book Capitalism and Freedom, Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman discusses several ideas such as the intimate and â€Å"by no means unilateral† correlation between politics and economics, the inefficiency of collectivism and central planning, and the essential role of economic freedom and capitalism in achieving political freedom (8). What all these ideas have in common, tho ugh, is that economic freedom precedes political freedom and, as a result, the latter dependsRead MoreCapitalism And Socialism And Capitalism1952 Words   |  8 PagesFor more than a century capitalism and socialism have been contending to be the best economic system. Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry that is controlled by private owners for profit. Capitalism is the heart and soul of America s economy. A capitalistRead MoreCapitalism : Is Capitalism Good?946 Words   |  4 PagesCapitalism is a subject that can be considered deeply controversial. There are many who tout the benefits that capitalism provides to the economy and the progress of human society. There are others who decry that it is a system which promotes selfish motives and extols profits above honesty and genuine goodness. This essay will examine the claims of each and will reach to conclude the answer to the question â€Å"is capitalism good?† The Dawn of Capitalism and its Opposition The advent of the ideal ofRead MoreCapitalism : The Highest Stage Of Capitalism1538 Words   |  7 PagesSince Vladimir Lenin was a Marxist and socialist he was opposed to global capitalism, and his book of Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism points out some of his main arguments regarding the capitalism as a whole. He regarded World War 1 as an imperialist war, caused by pressures that arose from an immediate development of several European empires. The central nations of capitalism participated to expand their exploitative sphere, which led to the conflict of interests and eventually producedRead MoreArticle Review On Capitalism And Capitalism1844 Words   |  8 PagesCaleb Wilson Essay on Capitalism Instructors: Christel Smith, Kurt Banzhaf, and Kayla Colfack English 12 and American Government April 12, 2015 CAPITALISM !1 It has been around since the Middle Ages, that we know of, and most likely before that. It is usually the first type of economy before evolving into another kind. Its main sources of life are competition and an ever changing society. This almost living breathing creature of our own device is called capitalism. Capitalism has been the biggestRead MoreCapitalism : The Embodiment And Nature Of Capitalism Essay2141 Words   |  9 Pagesembodiment and nature of capitalism. A man called Robert Heilbroner (March 24, 1919 – January 4, 2005) rose in the twentieth century as a regarded American economist and historian of economic thought understood for his worries about the two realms of capitalism. A first person examination of capitalism in light of Robert Heilbroner s thoughts as exhibited in the book twenty-first century capitalism. This article addresses how Robert Heilbroner s two realms of capitalism are both useful and uselessRead MoreCompare And Contrast Capitalism And Capitalism872 Words   |  4 Pages Capitalism is a fundamental ideology used by the United States government. It has led the United States to become one of the greatest countries for an individual. The U.S. is a world leader in innovation and quality of life. In fact, almost all of the c ountries generally considered the best to live in have capitalist governments. This is no coincidence, because capitalism greatly increases the rights of individuals. Capitalism is the ideology that involves individuals owning their own propertiesRead MoreCritique Of American Capitalism And Capitalism2411 Words   |  10 PagesCapitalism is not a rigid, inflexible economic and political system—there are many forms of capitalism around the world. It is illustrated as being different variations of capitalism outside the United States; there is the Dutch version, the French version, the British version, as well as the American version. American capitalism implements free-market ideology and that makes the U.S. stand out among other nations. Other nations do not dwell on privatization and deregulation nearly as much as theRead MoreCapitalism And The Economic Growth Under Capitalism1233 Words   |  5 Pagesseen that capitalism does work efficiently and surprisingly well, even though it is often wrongly accused and criticized for others shortcomings. Capitalism, otherwise known as a ‘free market economy, is an economic and political sy stem in which a country s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Werner Sombart first used the term capitalism in the early twentieth century, but the concept of it existed much earlier. Modern capitalism began developingRead MoreStakeholder Capitalism Vs. Shareholder Capitalism1573 Words   |  7 Pageswas the use of capitalism since the last couple of decades. There were two separate types or levels of capitalism that were used in American society, which was capitalism 2.0 and capitalism 3.0. In the 1940s the beginning of capitalism 2.0 otherwise known as stakeholder capitalism. Stakeholder capitalism is basically a market system that the companies only treat the interests of major stakeholders equally, rather than favoring the investors. The second use of capitalism is capitalism 3.0 otherwise

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Habits and Traits of the Painted Lady Butterfly

The painted lady, also known as the cosmopolitan or thistle butterfly, inhabits backyards and meadows throughout most of the world. Schoolchildren often recognize this butterfly, as raising these butterflies is a popular science activity in elementary classrooms. Description The aptly named painted lady wears splashes and dots of colors on her wings. The adult butterflys wings are orange and brown on the upper side. The leading edge of the forewing appears black with a prominent white bar and smaller white spots. The underside of the wings is markedly duller, in shades of brown and gray. When the butterfly sits at rest with wings folded together, four small eyespots are noticeable on the hindwing. Painted ladies reach 5-6 centimeters in width, smaller than some other brush-footed butterflies like the monarchs. The painted lady caterpillars are more difficult to identify, since their appearance changes with each instar. The early instars appear worm-like, with light gray bodies and a darker, bulbous head. As they mature, the larvae develop noticeable spines, with a dark body mottled with white and orange markings. The final instar retains the spines, but has a lighter color. The first few instars live in a silken web on a leaf of the host plant. Vanessa cardui is an irruptive migrant, a species that occasionally migrates without regard to geography or season. The painted lady lives year-round in the tropics; in cooler climates, you may see them in spring and summer. Some years, when southern populations reach large numbers or weather conditions are right, painted ladies will migrate north and expand their range temporarily. These migrations sometimes occur in phenomenal numbers, filling the skies with butterflies. The adults that reach the colder areas will not survive the winter, however. Painted ladies rarely migrate south. Classification Kingdom - AnimaliaPhylum - ArthropodaClass - InsectaOrder - LepidopteraFamily - NymphalidaeGenus - VanessaSpecies - Vanessa cardui Diet The adult painted lady nectars on many plants, especially the composite flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. Favored nectar sources include thistle, aster, cosmos, blazing star, ironweed, and joe-pye weed. Painted lady caterpillars feed on a variety of host plants, particularly thistle, mallow, and hollyhock. Life Cycle Painted lady butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis with four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Egg - Mint green, barrel-shaped eggs are laid singly on the leaves of host plants, and hatch in 3-5 days.Larva - The caterpillar has five instars over 12-18 days.Pupa - The chrysalis stage lasts about 10 days.Adult - Butterflies live for just two weeks. Special Adaptations and Defenses The painted ladys mottled colors look much like military camouflage and provide effective cover from potential predators. The small caterpillars hide in their silk nests. Habitat The painted lady lives in open meadows and fields, disturbed areas and roadsides, and generally any sunny place that provides appropriate nectar and host plants. Range Vanessa cardui lives on all continents except Australia and Antarctica and is the most widely distributed butterfly in the world. The painted lady is sometimes called the cosmopolite or cosmopolitan because of this wide distribution.

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The role of the community worker is fraught with tensions and dilemmas Free Essays

string(45) " 5 years later this still is a lasting view\." In Britain in the 21st century, community workers are often linked with economic regeneration and consultation, empowerment and capacity building. This is in total contrast with the 1970’s when community work was very closely associated with social work. (Twelvetrees, 2003. We will write a custom essay sample on The role of the community worker is fraught with tensions and dilemmas or any similar topic only for you Order Now ) Twelvetrees suggests that at its simplest community work is the ‘process of assisting people to improve their communities by undertaking collective action.’ (Twelvetrees, 2003.) Community work though is not just carried out by community workers, community leaders, support workers and many others may choose to call themselves community workers. The majority of community work is carried out by paid workers and they undertake a wide range of functions. Community workers are classically seen as a guide or catalyst, enabler or maybe a facilitator. Community workers ‘go’ to the place of the group and can advise its members on how they can do what they want to do. They can also cover roles such as secretary or chair, broker or advocate, but most important being clear about the fact that they must be clear about the role which they are playing at a certain particular time. Twelvetrees, (2003) suggests that community workers should be a ‘Jack of all trades’ who can take on different roles and approaches and are willing to bring them into play in different situations. Community work therefore has a wide skill base with a great emphasis placed on the ability to make judgements and build relationships with others. Community workers must be able to adapt to each new situation and be able to listen, understand and act in an appropriate way to the situation that they are involved with. Butcher, (in Butcher et al, 1993) suggests that on the most basic principles community stands for the idea that community is a network of people who share a common interest. For many, community is where they can both have a sociological and psychological link to others. Sociologically they can ‘be part’ of the community and can ‘identify with’ it psychologically. These two factors greatly strengthens the idea that community workers work with groups of people who have a common interest and reason for being together. Summarising the above Community work can therefore be best described as both a set of values and as a set of techniques, skills and approaches which are linked to these values. Twelvetrees (2003) suggests that these values are to do with justices, democracy, love and empowering, and ‘getting a better deal’ for those who are in some way disadvantaged. Primarily community workers must be able to establish relationships with others see the world through the community’s eyes and find ways to assist them to help themselves. The theory behind most community work is basically about helping people to get a better deal, primarily by making this happen themselves, by being a facilitator and empowering the community groups in which one is working. Derrricourt and Dale, (in Jacobs et al, 1994) suggests that no one can work in community work long before realising that even ‘the simplest thing is difficult’. Community work it’s self is a task of working with groups of people who may have different ideas but empowering them to come to a mutual agreement and find common ground in order to make the ‘project’ work. In any real life situation within community and youth work there will be pressures and constraints on a worker to operate in some ways rather than others. Whatever the ideology, the worker must select actions which seem most likely to help the members of the particular community to get a better deal for themselves and become more confident and skilled. Twelvetrees (2003) suggests that while the values of community workers will quite legitimately influence their priorities, they also have to be pragmatic about choosing which approach is likely to work best. One of the major sources of tension within community work is that some workers can sometimes go into a new project with the agenda already clear in their head, with no room for changing it. By having this approach community workers produce a great deal of tension simply because they are meant to be helping the community it’s self get a better deal through empowerment but by coming in with a fixed agenda it suggests that they have it all worked out. This leaves no room for any sort of consultation or community group meetings and can take away nearly all the interest by the residents. By not using community consultation the residents can very easily loose interest and involvement in a project if they are suspicious of the fact that it is not what they want to see happening. Community workers must be careful to go into a project with an open agenda and the ability to mould the agenda to what the residents want or face tension and the possibility of the lack of support of the community that they are working in. This happened in my local community. A substantial grant was won to improve the town. The council decided to create a community centre that would house a cyber-cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ and open access hall for a variety of activities. It seemed like a good idea to the council yet the local community just wanted the money to be spent on tidying up the council estate, a new set of playground equipment and a new layer of paint in the church hall that the community had always used. Unfortunately the community worker and the council did not listen to what the residents wanted, and 5 years down the line the community centre is un-used except by a mothers and toddler group, with the rest of the community groups preferring to use their old hall. This project has tarred the council with a stereotype that they do not listen anyway so the local community has lost any belief in the fact that they are in it for their interests, even 5 years later this still is a lasting view. You read "The role of the community worker is fraught with tensions and dilemmas" in category "Papers" Community work often involves inter-agency working. Inter-agency work brings together a range of individuals, organisations and interest groups. By working with these agencies it can bring about tensions between the different managers, and can bring about competition and misunderstandings. Working with different agencies can seem like a good idea but there are many issues that can be raised and these can have a big effect on the overall ‘community; formed by the worker. Because each agency comes with its own agenda then their will be differences in the organisational systems. Banks et al (2003) states that different agencies have different systems for allocating work and recording and sharing information, this can cause many internal issues surrounding the smooth running of the project. When trying to work as a community worker to bring about change these issues must be carefully addressed. The tension will always be there because of the different agencies involved with their own interests but the role of the community worker here is to make sure that the project does not suffer and that the issues are dealt with in a open arena. Take for example a youth action project may include the police, youth workers and nurses. All these come with different agendas, youth workers looking at informal education and welfare, nurses on health and police officers on law enforcement and crime prevention. (Banks et all 2003) All of these different agenda have to be carefully managed in order for the project to be successful. Each agency must understand the importance of the project as a whole and be able to communicate any issues that it has with the other agencies. This is where the community worker can get stuck in the middle, between the different agencies and stuck in with inter-agency politics instead of being out in the community. Dilemmas also form part of the daily planning for community workers. Take for example the planning of a new project, does the worker go for a big and high profile project that will involve the whole community but may not be very effective due to the fact that it may never reach its goals. Or does the worker settle for the small project that will enable him/her to achieve the desired outcome and be able to address a certain issue that the community has raises like youth ‘hanging about on the streets’. This causes the community worker to face the fact that he either has to work with all the community, which he is likely to get more funding and support for, or just to focus on an achievable project like talking the youth ‘boredom’ that is happening. Dilemmas surrounding confidentiality is always a difficult to decide the ‘right’ course of action. Although community workers are not seen as a counselling service, many see workers as a trusted person in the community to talk to. In this situation confidentiality becomes important, but also the rules of breaking confidentiality have to be addressed as well. Confidentiality has its limitations to be enforced and this can cause the dilemma to the worker as to what is ethically right. Should the worker pass the information on or keep the confidentiality that he promised. (Roche, 2004) This issue was brought up when I was working as a youth worker in the local youth club setting. A young woman approached me saying that she needed to talk. Due to the fact that I had time to spare and she seemed distressed I let her talk and told her everything that she said would be confidential. She then told me that she was getting beaten up at home but did not want to it get out as she did to want her and her siblings to be spilt up. I spent a whole supervisory session talking to my supervisor about confidentiality. In the end I had to break it as a way of helping that young person to escape the endless circle but it was not a light hearted decision. My trust had been broken and since then the young girl has not come back to the youth club, but I know that she is now safe and living with a foster family and her siblings. One dilemma that community workers often face is the fact of accountability and who are they actually accountable to. Many workers would suggest that they are accountable to the community groups as they are working for what they need but others may suggest that they are accountable to the state and their employer. Community workers are employed by a wide range of bodies, including local authorities, primary care trusts, regeneration partnerships, charities, housing committees, the list is endless. All of these bodies have their own organisational and departmental aims for the community worker’s role, and the worker is accountable to in a legal/employment sense to their employer. (Henderson and Thomas, 1992) In any community work there is the potential for a complex layering system of accountability, as managers may be employed by some agency to mange work funded by their agency. (Banks, 2003) this is where community workers can find them selves pulled in different directions and must always be careful about what they do. In some cases they may have to balance contradictory and compelling demands and attempt to make sense and achieve them in order to carry out the desired aim. This may be where they community project has been given a set of money from the Church of England for a youth project, this project has then started to deal with people from all religions coming to the project. In order to retain the centres success the worker does not want to ban the youth from the centre due to the fact that they are benefiting from it. Yet the worker is going against the aims of the funding application. In this case the worker has to be accountable to both the Church of England and the youth who are attending the project. In order to attempt to solve this situation then the worker must talk to the Church and attempt to re-structure the funding application so that it can be used across the project and not just on the youth of the Church. (Adapted from Brierley, 2002.) Bryants, (1982, cited in Jacobs et al) suggests that a community worker acts as a catalyst and has nine skills: 1. relational 2. communication 3. organisational 4. mediating 5. bargaining 6. entrepreneur 7. researcher 8. political 9. tactical. In order to be all these then at some point there will always be conflicting ideas and dilemmas to be addressed. One can not attempt to fill all theses roles of a community worker and still be able to work on a level ground with others. Although all of these are very important the fact that a community worker can relate to others within the community is essential and the skill of being able to accept differences and be able to address these is a skill which is learnt and will always be important in our world of work. There will always be tensions and dilemmas to address but these must not get us down. We must learn to take everything in our stride and learn from our mistakes, being able to see where we went wrong and be able to apply these lessons learnt to our future practise. Our strategy must be based on a clear awareness of what we as workers are aiming to achieve by our intervention and use negotiation and communication to overcome any difficulties that we encounter. How to cite The role of the community worker is fraught with tensions and dilemmas, Papers

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Strategy of Samsung Electronics-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: A brief description of the Organisation, Justification for why you have selected it and why it is perceived as being excellent in its field. Answer: Samsung Samsung was consolidated in 1938 as a South Korean global organization. The company is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smart cells. In July 2017, the market value of the Samsung electronics rises by the US $316 billion after overtaking Intel group. The company is a major manufacturer of electronic components such as lithium-ion batteries, chips, and flash memory. The purpose behind choosing Samsung electronics is that the organization is world's second largest information technology company after Apple. Samsung electronics has operations internationally and domestically. Strategy of Samsung electronics The company strategy that focuses on manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. The company is a leader in major innovations in the electronics which provide a wide array of ground breaking products. In total company consist of 6 design labs that focus on continuous technological advancements (Lawaspect, 2017). This makes their product popular in the market. Technology advancement need amount to be spend. Company spends more than 6 billion dollars annually on product research. The strategy of the company is to deliver high-quality product along with the innovative design and patterns. The company always try to bring innovation in the product they are providing to the customer. This helps in attracting the customer and enhancing the customer experience (Michell, 2010). Business model of Samsung Samsung electronics has functioning in the segments of consumer electronics under different verticals. The products of the company are directly catered to the business houses or to individual customers. Samsung follows different channels of distribution such as direct retailers, retail outlets, distributors, telecom companies, etc. this makes the product available to the customers easily (Song, and Lee, 2014). The company follows strategy for sponsoring a range of international sports events such as London 2012 Olympics. This enhances the brand image and reputation of the company. The strategy of providing innovative products having different design will enhance the customer satisfaction. This also makes the customers believe that company provides differentiated and quality products to wide range customers. Promotion strategy for any company plays a vital role in the operations of the company. The company can communicate attractive deals and plans to the customers by doing promotion in the market (Researchomatic, 2013). CAGE framework of Samsung Samsung electronics have operations at different geographic places. The company consists of different cultural values from its rivals Apple, HTC. The company believes in reducing the economic distance. Products of Samsung are available and affordable for all income group peoples. The company evaluates and analysis the strategies before implementing. Samsung launched low-cost smartphones (J and on series) in India after understanding the Indian market. The consumer demand throws light towards the low-cost smartphones. This approach helps the company in enhancing the goodwill and market share (Chang, 2011). Microsoft is an American multinational technology company who is having headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft Australia is the Microsoft organization backup arranged in Australia. The organization was established in the year 1985. This organization is driving the organization in programming, gadgets, administration, and arrangements. As of now, the organization comprises of 7 territorial workplaces the nation over. The purpose behind choosing Microsoft is the company is listed in top 5 companies. The company is popular in the market and having a good competitive advantage. It is considered as one of the largest technology firms that create a good competition against the rivals. Strategy of Microsoft Microsoft productivity and business process section include permitting and subscription income for office. It uses advanced technology which helps in enhancing the customer satisfaction. Intelligent cloud is one of the competitive advantages of Microsoft. The company makes a strategy to achieve USD 20 billion in commercial cloud annualized revenue run rate in the year 2018. The company performs merger and acquisitions that help a company in enhancing the capabilities, product range, and value offering. In the year 2014, a company acquires Nokia Corporation's devices and services business for USD 9.4 billion. In the fiscal year 2016, Microsoft completed 17 acquisitions for which company paid in cash. The cash amount paid by the company was USD 1.4 billion (Dudovskiy, 2017). Business model of Microsoft Creating a strong developer community is an essential element of Microsoft business model. The company business model focuses on enhancing the development of innovative products and customer satisfaction. The company creates a platform-based-ecosystem that provides benefit from cross-side and same-side network effects between users and the application developers. This helps the company to understand the demand of the customers. The network helps a company in accelerating the growth and success. Microsoft creates profit from individual customers by providing office services. The business model of the company also focuses on the adoption of new technologies which help the company to develop the software. The company is the largest developer of a wide range of software products. The share value and brand value of the company are driven by flexible pricing, familiarity with legacy products and better support. Microsoft creates profit through Windows Phone licensing, Windows Embedded and Patent Licensing. The business model of the Microsoft also includes the money flow-in from the different sectors of different products. These all are basic elements that are considered in the business model (Worstall, 2012). CAGE framework of Microsoft CAGE framework (includes different types of cultural, administrative, geographic and economic factors) did not create any impact on a business model of Microsoft. Microsoft business is expanded in the world. This is the reason Microsoft has nearly 90% share in the desktop operating system market. The company is having a strong position in the market and user familiarity with OS. OS mostly comes with new computer and laptops. That makes the people aware of the services, Microsoft provides to its customers (Hasan, Ibrahim, and Uddin, 2015). Even there are some of the softwares which run only if the PC contains micrsoft.NET Framework. Culture values of the company are clearly visible through the team bonding. Sustaining in the competitive market is possible due to the team work. Microsoft is also known for the best place to work. There is no impact of the CAGE framework on company's working. References Chang, S.J., 2011. Sony vs Samsung: The Inside Story of the Electronics Giants' Battle For Global Supremacy, John Wiley Sons. Dudovskiy, J., 2017, Microsoft Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage, viewed on 24th August 2017, Hasan, M., Ibrahim, Y. and Uddin, M.M., 2015. Institutional distance on cross-border mergers and acquisition performance: a hypothetical framework. In Proceedings of the Asia Pacific conference on business and social sciences, Kuala Lumpur. Lawaspect, 2017, Samsung's Corporate Strategy and Competitive Advantage, viewed on 24th August 2017, Michell, T., 2010. Samsung Electronics: And the Struggle For Leadership of the Electronics Industry, John Wiley Sons. Researchomatic, 2013, Samsung's Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Retrieved on 24th August 2017, from Song, C.Y. and Lee, K., 2014. The Samsung way: Transformational management strategies from the world leader in innovation and design. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. Worstall, T., 2012, Is Microsoft Moving To The Apple Business Model?, viewed on 24th August 2017,